Scheherezade – Chapter Seventeen

Original story by sgam76
WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, language, & suggestive sexual situations. Please be advised.

Chapter 17: For many a heart wi’ this we broke
Sherlock struggles, and the case continues
Neither author nor narrator claim any ownership of any copyrighted entities within the writing.

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2 Replies to “Scheherezade – Chapter Seventeen”

  1. Dear Aunt Didi,
    Just wanted to say: If you are still there, well then, I am definitely still here. 🙂 And hoping against hope you will update this fantastic podfic when you have time. Thank you so much for all the enthralling episodes so far. Jan.

    1. Hello Jan! Let me tell you, it is absolutely awesome to hear from you. I’ve been going through quite a bit lately & am actually in the process of changing the whole show to a new format. This website is only going to be around until I figure out the other one: but I will definitely be updating & hopefully very soon. The new show is called Death by Fanfic – you will find updates there as well as on A03 & iTunes. Thanks for taking the time to reach out. I appreciate it more ham I can say.

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